Littens – 2″ Double Size Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Profile/Egg Shell) 50mm

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This is a UK Manufactured 2″ (50mm) double Size Egg Shell / Profile Shaped Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper. These toppers are a perfect addition to your existing mattress, whether it is sprung based or foam as memory has the characteristics to transform and compliment any mattress. This product is fully compliant with the Furniture and Furnishing regulations. The difference between these toppers and ordinary toppers is the revolutionary and innovative design. This design has gone through vast development and testing to introduce a new approach to memory foam; offering you a greater surface area and more breathing pockets along the top. The topper is 2″ (50mm) thick at the deepest point.Littens – 2″ (5cm) Double Bed Size Memory Foam Topper
Revolutionary Egg Shell / Profile Cut Along The Top
More Surface Area /More Breathable Than Normal Memory Foam
UK Manufactured Using High Density Pure Visco Memory Foam
Anti-Dustmite / Hypo-Allergenic

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