Terry Towelling Waterproof Pillow Protectors Pairs, Non Noisy (Crinkle Free), 100% Cotton Pile Top By Sleep&Smile: One Pair

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Our range of terry towelling mattress and pillow protectors has been developed with your comfort in mind. Our terry towelling products protect your mattress and pillows from water, stains, dust and dirt, and that provides you with a cleaner and safer sleeping environment. Our terry towelling products are crinkle free and produce no noise, which makes your night’s sleep even more comfortable. The 100% cotton towelling provides absorbency, but is also breathable at the same time. The PU backing functions as water and dust mite barrier. Sleep in a stain and allergy free environment! Remember a day always starts with a good night’s sleep!Pillow protectors – one pair, 50 cm x 75 cm
Fits standard UK size pillow
This item was designed to protect your pillows and extend their life
Waterproof and stainproof, but still breathable material
Noise and crinkle free material

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